Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza. Huesca, España.

Un proyecto renovado dentro de las artes escénicas y la danza. Del 28 de septiembre al 1 de octubre 2020

 International Theatre and Dance Fair. A showcase for the Performing Arts Foire Internationale De Théâtre et Danse • Une vitrine pour les Arts Scéniques Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza

Professionals: registration form

Deadline: September, 4, 2019


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[ Aviso Legal / Política de privacidad ]

Inscription terms:
Registration entitles official visitors to enter the Marketplace area and the International Meeting, provided the relevant applications to attend have been submitted, and to attend presentations, showcases and other performances.
- The SHOWCASE will meet the cost of programmers' accommodation and breakfast. Accommodation consists of rooms with twin beds. Those who prefer a single room must pay the difference to the hotel (by bank transfer before the beginning of the Showcase). This option is subject to availability.
- Each organisation will be offered accommodation and breakfast for one person. Accompanying people who do not have an official invitation will be offered free passes to the shows (when there is enough space). All other costs will be met by the accompanying people.
- Programmers must inform the organisers of the Showcase in advance if they do not intend to stay on any of the days stated on the application form.
- Priority will be given to programmers who attend the Showcase from the very first day.