Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza. Huesca, España.

Un proyecto renovado dentro de las artes escénicas y la danza. Del 28 de septiembre al 1 de octubre 2020

 International Theatre and Dance Fair. A showcase for the Performing Arts Foire Internationale De Théâtre et Danse • Une vitrine pour les Arts Scéniques Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza



A )The Fair is a communication and collaboration mechanism with the performing arts sector both nationally and internationally and especially with the countries that integrate the European Community and Latin America.

B) The Fair is a platform for the exhibition of performances, presentation of projects and reflection and renovation of the concepts regarding diffusion of performing arts.

C) The Fair will work towards the comparison of performances regarding the creation of new types of audiences and the goal is that the contemporary performing arts reach their potential audiences.

D) The fair exclusively promotes contemporary theatre and dance proposals and placing special emphasis on “frontier” performances: theatre / dance / circus.

E) The Fair seeks to stimulate quality and stability of programming in representation spheres, promoting cooperation and collaboration among them, as well as in other specific areas, circuits and networks.

F) The Fair aims to be the enabler for the implementation of international cooperation projects that provide information and diffusion of innovative proposals.

G) The Fair will promote retraining, refresher courses and permanent training of professionals of the sector as well as providing information regarding current artistic proposals.

H) The fair will look for new ways to interact that will allow quick and fluid contact, not only in the informative and professional area, but also in the human and cohabitation areas.

I) The Fair will be especially sensitive to those performing arts that currently have the most diffusion problems, as is the case of contemporary dance, among others.

J) The Fair will promote mechanisms for permanent communication and contact with the rest of the performing arts sectors, in such a way that it will allow the development of joint proposals and collaboration projects.

K) The Fair will never lose its aim to be a place of professional communication and retraining that allows the managers of performing arts venues to exchange experiences and carry out permanent training.

L) The conclusions that are drawn each year from the Fair will be used to create reports and proposals to be sent to competent authorities, regarding aspects that can contribute to the improvement of the performing arts.

M) The fair will seek the best support and stimulation formulas for Aragonese proposals at all times in its capacity as a platform for the promotion of theatre and dance. This is not contradictory with its international vocation.

N) The Fair will monitor the development of the cultural programmes of Huesca and the city itself, taking advantage of the assistance provided by numerous professionals of other communities.