Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza. Huesca, España.

Un proyecto renovado dentro de las artes escénicas y la danza. Del 28 de septiembre al 1 de octubre 2020

 International Theatre and Dance Fair. A showcase for the Performing Arts Foire Internationale De Théâtre et Danse • Une vitrine pour les Arts Scéniques Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza



Once again, another year, Huesca becomes an instrument for performing arts.  Our aim, this year, is to maintain all the marks of identify that have made us worthy of your trust in previous years.

We hope that the technical conferences, entitled: ”21st Century Financing Models: “Sponsorship, Patronage and Subsides” and of course the programme, which will soon be announced in detail, respect to which we can advance some names, will encourage you to accompany us.  Just by reading this advance, you can already presume that our programme will be based on and "will commit to commitments"; our proposals must take into account (and even more so this year) those companies that are fighting against all the odds to stay alive and maintain a risky, living, critical theatre and dance, and which, at all times, commit to creation and innovation.  These are our credentials.  These are some of the one we can advance: Teresa Nieto “Petí Comité”, Histrión Teatro “Teatro de Pájaros” (Bird Theatre), Granhøj Dans “Aline Not Alone, Prisamata “Sé de un lugar” (I know a place”, Dantzaz Konpainia “Arte-An”, Histrión Teatro “Traición” (Treason)



1) The programming is still not closed.  What we are sending you is a preliminary programme. When the artistic management finishes its work we will send an e-mail to all the companies and agencies that have sent shows.  
2) If your show is not selected in the end, the most economical way of attending the Fair is to rent a stand or a workpoint; in this way you guarantee your visibility and do not pay for accommodation, either. Here
3) For those attending the Fair we have negotiated a 30% with RENFE. When we send you the document, we will publish it on the Fair website.
4) If you are travelling to Huesca by car and you do not mind sharing the trip with other participants, post your free places Here.

Open deadline to reserve stands/workpoints

International Fair of theatre and Dance of Huesca opens the deadline for to reserve stands and workspoints.

Submission deadline, to 5 september.

More information



Galería de imágenes Feria 2011

A las compañías que participasteis en la edición 2011 , a los que nos acompañasteis y a todos los que os pueda interesar, acabamos de publicar, en nuestra sección Fotos, las fotografías realizadas por el fotógrafo Gerardo Sanz en la última edición de la Feria. Esperamos os gusten

The end of The Fair

The 2011 edition was closed brilliantly at the auditorium of the Conference Centre, which was completely sold out. This brief act put an end to five intense days. Five days where we have seen and enjoyed many things, five days which can be summarized in this video.


feria internacional de teatro y danza. HUESCA from dediaproducciones on Vimeo.

Before the show, which closed the Fair, there was a brief ceremony in which prizes were awarded by the jury of this edition selecting among the performances scheduled this year. The awards were given by the Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon Mr Humberto Vadillo, Mr Luis Felipe representative of the Provincial Council of Huesca, the Mayor of the City Mrs Ana Alos and  Fair director, Mr Jesus Arbués.

This is the list of winners of 2011:

  • The best drama show award to "Come y Calla" KITCHEN company. Na Gomes received the award, a member of the company.
  • The best dance show award to "Al menos dos caras" PROJECTS IN MOVEMENT Company. Fani Benages, representing the company, received the award.
  • The most innovative show award of this edition was to "Fingir" Collective 96º Company. Andrés Beladíez, artistic consultant,received the prize on behalf of the company.
  •  Audience Award, sponsored by Aragon TV. The popular vote decided that the prize was for the show "Dos" LaMOV DANCE COMPANY. The Mayor of the city, Mrs Ana Alós and gave the prize that was collected by Victor Jimenez, dancer, director and choreographer of LaMov Dance Company.


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